Press Releases

First Bancorp of Indiana, Inc. is the holding company for First Federal Savings Bank,
Evansville, Indiana, a state-chartered commercial bank that currently operates seven offices in
the Evansville, Indiana area, one office in Washington, Indiana and one office in Petersburg,

08/21/2020Dividend Announcement
07/30/2020Earnings Release
05/22/2020Dividend Announcement
05/08/2020Earnings Release
01/31/2020Earnings Release
08/23/2019Financial Results and Dividend Announcement
05/23/2019Dividend Announcement
04/19/2019Earnings Release
02/21/2019Dividend Announcement
01/30/2019Earnings Release
11/23/2018Dividend Announcement
10/26/2018Earnings Release
08/20/2018Earnings Release
08/20/2018Dividend Announcement
05/18/2018Dividend Announcement
04/27/2018Earnings Release
02/23/2018Dividend Announcement
02/09/2018Earnings Release
11/16/2017Dividend Announcement
10/27/2017Earnings Release
8/18/2017Dividend Announcement
5/19/2017Dividend Announcement
5/1/2017Earnings Release
2/17/2017Dividend Announcement
1/27/2017Earnings Release