General Education

With the advent of the Internet, electronic fraud is increasing day by day. It is important that you, the consumer, be aware of some of the schemes that are being used to obtain your private information without you realizing it!

In order to keep you better informed and provide a means of protection for your valuable personal information, Home Building has listed some important information about scams and protection services we provide.

Home Building will NEVER ask for personal information via e-mail – such as an account number, social security number or personal identification number (PIN). So you should be suspicious of any e-mail, text message or other electronic communication that does, whether it supposedly comes from Home Building or someone else.

When you visit our website you should check the URL at the top of your browser. It should always begin with unless you have selected an option to leave our home site for Internet Banking, New Accounts, Statement retrieval or other services offered on our site.

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Coronavirus Resources

If you would like additional information regarding the Coronavirus, please click on one of the links below:

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