Direct Deposit

Do you find yourself in a huge rush every Friday trying to get to the bank before it closes while fighting rush hour traffic? Would you like more convenience when dealing with your paycheck? Then you need Direct Deposit!

How does it work?

When you give your employer the OK, they can send your paycheck electronically to Home Building each pay period. We then deposit it directly into your account, helping you avoid traffic jams and long lines. You can even set up your Direct Deposit so that it goes into several different accounts such as your checking, savings, or Christmas Club account. With Direct Deposit you never have to worry about getting to the bank in time.

Direct Deposit puts you in charge of your money.



  • You don’t have to go to the bank to deposit paychecks
  • Your money is automatically deposited into your account on time, every time
  • Direct Deposit payments are never lost and are confidential
  • Direct Deposit gives you access to your money earlier than check deposits

Contact a banking center nearest you for more information.